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Ship Name Ulysses T.S.S.
owner Blue Funnel Line - Ocean Steamship Co. - Alfred Holt & Co., Liverpool
ship steam sailer
yard Workman, Clark & Co. Ltd., Belfast
wreck photo wreck sketch World Map
length 176,8 m
width 20,8 m
tonnage 14647 BRT
launch ..1913
Sunken 11.04.1942
depth 6 - 30 m
Longitude / Latitude
27° 41' 20" N 33° 48' 12" E
History The 104 m long British freighter "Ulysses" was built in 1871 in Newcastle and went on different routes between
Europe and the Far East.
The slanting rear view of several misfortunes was the "Ulysses" as a doomed ship.
So they lost in 1872 in the roads of Shanghai its screw.

1887 confirmed this reputation then final and with a cargo of electric equipment on Little Gubal Iceland on.
Initially, the damaged vessel was to the front ship on the reef; Despite this situation, it was obviously not possible or
not worthwhile to recover the wreck. Eventually, the "Ulysses" broke up at the height of the machine room.
While the front part was smashed in the shallow waters of the surf and storms, the stern sank into the depths
and lay down on the sloping reef on the side.

"The old iron skeleton which is from 20 to 40 meters deep, is beautifully overgrown with corals ...
One day it came as a big, disruptive foreign bodies down here, and from there took the sea creatures
Possession of him ... Therefore, the visit of a wreck is not only an immensely thrilling and exciting experience,
but also a trip in a submarine zoological garden, where you can make wonderful discoveries. "

For a long time remained the name and origin of the ship unknown. Falsely it was often referred to as "cable ship"
including probably the cargo could have contributed. Not until the late 1990s, succeeded the German team of authors
Claus-Peter Stoll, Udo Kefrig and Christian Mietz to identify the "Ulysses".

Since the "Ulysses" is located on a reef with some strong currents, they can only be dived in good weather.
It is therefore much less frequently hit by submersibles than the wreck on Sha'ab Abu Nuhas. The ship is located
, Not even 100 meters across the street from the lighthouse on Gubal Gubal Iceland. The first debris from the
Waves completely smashed bugs can be found at 2 m. From there, a debris field stretches down the reef slope.
The deeper you go, the more likely the remains of a ship are recognizable to one of approximately 30 m, the well-preserved, slanting
Heck with the ancient bolt finds. The coral tanks of the wreck here are clearly visible clearly seen also
the remains of the steam engine.

Due to its flow-exposed location, it has a wonderful lawn of stone undWeichkorallen,
and the interior with the remains of the steam engine can dive safely, because the wooden decks long
have disappeared. The between the thick overgrown iron beams of the deck incident, blue light creates the atmosphere
a Gothic cathedral. If you look closely, you will find inside the rare black coral.
With luck, even plates and bottles are discovering (if now not all "captured" by other divers
have been). Charakeristisch for a ship this time, the screw with their thin leaves that are not on board
lived without comfort, is a bathtub that maybe belonged to the captain. Today seems a capital
to be grouper the boss in this vessel. In addition, the wreckage of tons are black and white striped
Sergeant fish populated. However, one also Rofeuerfische and many other animals are found. In more destroyed
Center section has the remains of the steam engine, and scattered everywhere is the charge apparently from insulators,
has passed cable drums and tubes of unknown function. To wreck itself is also the reef, the beautiful one
has vegetation and a wealth of fish.
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