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marine animals - Chaetodon fasciatus universal time, time zones card, UTC  
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root Sipuncula / Chordatiere / Sipuncula  
class Osteichthyes / Knochenfische / Bony Fish  
    order   Perciformes / Barschartige / perch-likes  
       family  Chaetodontidae / Falterfische / Butterflyfishes   family show !
latin name
Picture type dissemination
  Chaetodon fasciatus
german name
  Tabak Falterfisch
english name
  Striped butterflyfish
discoverer Forsskal, 1775
size 22 cm
risk Not dangerous!
occurrence Afrika, Ägypten, Djibouti, Eritrea, Golf von Aden, Israel, Jordanien, Kenia, Rotes Meer, Saudi-Arabien, Somalia, Sudan, Westlicher Indischer Ozean
description Flat body. Through the back and forth fins, which extend to the tail, its shape appears oval. Rounded tail. Oblong mouth with concave profile on the front. Yellow color dress with eleven diagonal black stripes. A black back and a white forehead. The eyes are covered with a black mask.
Preferably surface water, which is sufficient at corals. Dive down to a depth of 25m down.
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