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Pictures by photographers
More pictures by the photographers can now be accessed in the Marine Animals section. To do this, follow the link under the detailed image of the sea animal. Below are all of the photographer's images. .....
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Submersible WAOW sunk
At the BOOT in Düsseldorf you could still book diving safaris at the WAOW. Unfortunately, nothing will come of these diving trips to Indonesia. A video is currently circulating on the Internet, which, according to the comment, shows the WAOW ablaze on fire in the night of January 31st. shows on February 1st, 2018 in the port of Biak in front of the Cenderawasih Bay in the north of West Papua in Indonesia.
The cause of the fire was a short circuit in the ship's engine room. The very large ship had been torn from its anchorage during a simultaneous violent storm. When the crew tried to start the engines in a hurry, the fatal short circuit occurred, which immediately set the wooden ship on fire. All passengers and the crew were brought to safety in time. The accident has since been confirmed by the owners. The WAOW no longer exists. .....
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Rate logbook


something new again:
from now on you can rate dive logs to the best of your ability.

Wasserwelt_org team .....
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Good New Yaer
A happy new year, the money, that is already gone anyway.
At least we got a swip, and so the new year started.
Today we are all pretty blue, but tomorrow we will be smart again.
Then we try to make everything different, but in the end, much remains the same.
And if we can not do it this time, then we'll just stop doing it.
Because every year at the same time, we keep ready new ideas.
What we can not do this year, let's stop in the next.
Then the intentions are gone, but we celebrate again. .....
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Everything for free
Hi ;),

can you believe: all for free.
Just register and then it starts. Insert pictures or videos. Write your dives with pictures or create dive centers.
You can also create hotels and upload pictures of which you are convinced. u.v.m. .....
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