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Muhansa (Red Sea)
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History On the red sea at Safaga, a 105-meter passenger ship sank, which it would be appropriate to call a ferry, since its tasks included transporting cars. The vessel was built in Norway at the Bergen shipyards and purchased by Misr Fedco Shipping Co.Ltd of Alexandria for operation on the Suez-Aqaba-Jeddah lines. For non-payment of port charges, the ship spent some time in free navigation at the port of Safaga and sank in 2003, sinking to sandy soil at a depth of 37 meters. The last voyage of the ship made them Jeddah to Safaga in 2001. On the ship there was a strong fire in the engine room. The ship was at anchor for a long time and one day sank so quickly that few people noticed its disappearance. Despite the fact that the ship was submerged in 2003, this wreck paid no attention to society, and only a few diving centers do it. These are German dive centers SubAqua, Liechtenstein Extra-Divers and Russian Aliav. Due to this, many artifacts lying on the bottom are not looted by vandals with scuba-diving.
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