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Khartoum (Red Sea)
owner Holman R. H. & Sons, John Holman, London
ship destroyer
yard Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd, Wallsend
wreck photo wreck sketch World Map
length 108,6 m
width 10,8 m
tonnage 1,690 BRT
launch ..6 Februar 1939
country Red Sea
Sunken ..23 Juni 1940
depth 0 m
Longitude / Latitude
12° 38' 0" N, 43° 24" O
History HMS Khartoum was launched on 27th October 1937 at Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd in Wallsend as a new building with the 1551 building number, launched on February 6, 1939, and on 6 November 1939 was the first ship of the Royal Navy Names of the Sudanese capital Khartoum. After the commissioning, it was assigned to the 5th Destroyer Flotilla of the Home Fleet. In February 1940, the Khartoum of Rosyth carried out accompanying services for the convoy to Norway. They suffered structural damage during high-speed submarines, which required a longer shipyard stay. She spent March and April 1940 at the shipyard in Falmouth. A planned deployment at the beginning of May to evacuate British personnel from the Netherlands and Belgium due to renewed drive problems.
On May 8th, 1940, the Khartoum was transferred to the 14th Destroyer Flotilla, and on May 16, along with the Kandahar, proceeded from Plymouth to Gibraltar and the Mediterranean. On May 23rd, she arrived at the flotilla in Alexandria and took patrol duties in the Mediterranean, then transferred to the Red Sea with the sister ships Kandahar, Kimberley and Kingston, where the destroyer was responsible for the activities of the Italian naval units stationed in Eritrea East Indies station, as it was expected that Italy would soon be entering the war. On 10 June 1940, the destroyer moved to Aden to prevent the Italians from the Red Sea and the flight of further enemy merchant ships to Eritrea. On June 23, 1940, the Italian submarine Torricelli was forced to appear by the Khartoum together with the destroyers Kingston and Kandahar and the Sloop Shoreham near Perim. In the ensuing artillery battles, which led to the sinking of the submarine, the Khartoum received a hit in the rear torpedo tube set. Several hours later the Khartoum exploded in the rear torpedo tube of the compressed-air tank of a Mark IX torpedo. The torpedo's hurled head hit the rear guard tower and triggered a fire that caused the explosion of the ammunition stock and put the rear section behind the engine room under water. The damage was so serious that the ship had to be grounded in front of Perim in the Red Sea. The crew was brought to safety by the Kandahar. A man of the crew was killed on board, and three were seriously wounded. The subsequent explosions of an ammunition magazine and the water bombs on board made the ship so heavy that a salvage and repair seemed unacceptable.
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