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Agia Varvara (Red Sea)
owner Gestar Shipping Company of Famagusta, Cyprus
ship general cargo ships
yard Normand A. - Chantiers & Ateliers Augustin Normand, Le Havre
wreck photo wreck sketch World Map
length 73,2 m
width 9,33 m
tonnage 985 BRT
launch ..1950
country Red Sea
Sunken 28.06.1976
depth 6-22 m
Longitude / Latitude
28° 3,7‘ N / 34°26,67‘ E
History Kiel down to 20 meters

Italian floor tiles

The remains of this 26.181 GRT wreck is one of the largest wrecked wrecks in the Red Sea!
This 174.58m long general cargo carrier was built 1972 at Mihara in Japan under the name Ryusei Maru. The two six-cylinder diesel engines allowed this 24.85m wide ship with its 11,600BPS a speed of 17 knots!
In terms of design, there are five loader compartments in front of the bridge superstructures at the rear. Between these, four high crane systems were installed, so that even freight could be transported in ports where there were no cranes. Before they were lost, the Ryusei Maru had had a lot of owners who also renamed it again and again. The Ryusei Maru of the Aksonas Shipping Co. Ltd. belonged. In Limassol on Cyprus. She had bought it in 1996 for 1.36 million pounds sterling, reputed in Million Hope and insured for 4.1 million pounds sterling ......
Only six weeks later-on the morning of June 20, 1996- she had a total load of 26,000 tons of potash and phosphates for Taiwan coming from Aqaba in Jordan, near Nabq, about 5 kilometers north of Sharm el Sheikh on the south coast of the Sinai Peninsula The reef at Gamila ....
The visibility deteriorated drastically, so that no counter-measures were possible. According to the "Casualty Report" of Lloyds in London on June 24, 1996, some Phillipine crewmembers said that the captain did not keep to the shipping routes prescribed in the map, and did not reduce the speed despite the deteriorating view.
Fortunately the crew of the Egyptian Navy was able to rescue all crewmembers and then, in an elaborate rescue operation, the cargo of £ 1.3 million was bombed.
On the Egyptian side it was feared that on the one hand the cargo would have resulted in an algae carpet that would have removed the necessary light from the reefs, and on the other hand the 700t fuel on board had caused further pollution.
If one wants to this wreck, one takes the already in the wreck report of the S.S. Agia Varvara mentioned way: From Sharm el Sheik with north course ending the Tiraninseln pass. Here one sees already in the distance the remains of the foreship and other parts standing above the water surface. The Million Hope is relatively perpendicular to this reef, but you can see a slight heel from the reef.
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