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marine animals - Scarus taeniopterus universal time, time zones card, UTC  
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root Xenacoelomorpha / Chordatiere / Xenacoelomorpha  

class Osteichthyes / Knochenfische / Bony Fish  
    order   Perciformes / Barschartige / perch-likes  
      family   Scaridae / Papageienfische / Parrotfishes  
         type  + + + Last update animal + + +  
latin name
Picture type Scaridae dissemination
  Scarus taeniopterus
german name
  Prinzessin Papageifisch
english name
  Princess parrotfish
discoverer Lesson, 1829
size 35 cm
occurrence Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Brasilien, Cayman Inseln, Costa Rica, Dominikanische Republik, Florida, Haiti, Honduras, Indopazifik, Jamaika, Karibik, Karibik, Kuba, Mexiko (Ostpazifik), Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, USA, Venezuela
description The striped parrot, also known as the Princess parrot (Scarus taeniopterus) is often found on the reefs of the Caribbean. He is a small, greenish-blue parrot with a yellow ribbon on the flanks. Characteristic are two blue streaks above and below the eye. Back and tail fins are understood with striking color strips: yellow, orange or pink. Striped parrots live in small groups in rocky coastal areas and at external reefs up to 25 m depth. They graze the coral reefs with their beak-like teeth. They are - like all parrot - a popular photo shoot for divers. The color varieties of the approximately 80 parrot species are so diverse that one originally originated from about 350 species. Today, 80 species are found in 10 genera (Bolbometopon, Calotomus, Cetoscarus, Cholorurus, Cryptotomus, Hipposcarus, Letocarus, Nicholsina, Scarus and Sparisoma). Striped parrots are hermaphrodites, i. They can initially be females and later males. They are up to 35 cm long. The spread extends from Florida to Brazil.
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