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Ship Name Monika
owner Seed Shipping Co.
ship general cargo ships
yard Nieuwe Waterweg Scheepsbouwmaatschappij - New Waterway Shipbuilding Co
wreck photo wreck sketch World Map
length 88,6 m
width 13,7 m
tonnage 2177 BRT
launch ..1925
Sunken ..30.12.1956
depth 15 m m
Longitude / Latitude
60° 41' 34.26" N 17° 13' 6.888" E
History This sunken ship named Monica offers an interesting underwater journey to the past . Monica was a wooden boat that which was transporting different tools to the sugar plantation. Unfortunately, because of the strong storm the boat has sunk and remained underwater until today. Wooden parts of the boat are not in good conditions, but there are still some interesting steel parts such as rails for the train , propellers and máquinas. This wreck became a home to many small tropical fish and sometimes it's even possible to see barracuda.It's possible to explore the boat from outside and inside.
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