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root Sipuncula / Chordatiere / Sipuncula  
class Osteichthyes / Knochenfische / Bony Fish  
    order   Perciformes / Barschartige / perch-likes  
       family  Ephippidae / Spatenfische / Spadefishes, batfishes and scats   family show !
latin name
Picture type dissemination
  Platax batavianus
german name
  Buckelkopf Fledermausfisch
english name
  Humpback batfish
discoverer Cuvier, 1831
size 50 cm
risk Not dangerous!
occurrence Australien, Great Barrier Riff, Indonesien, Indopazifik, Madagaskar, Malaysia, Papua-Neuguinea, Philippinen, Sumatra, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, West-Pazifik
description No easy-to-keep fish, which is quite sensitive on the one hand, and on the other hand for normal home aquariums by its height and size is often too large. Platax, batfish, are still used occasionally as a rose-and Mayanofresser. This may sometimes work, Nevertheless, we think that today there are other alternatives to fall back on.
Such an animal should be reserved for a large plant or the sea.
Unfortunately, they are often bought for their unusual shape, which later changes.
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