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marine animals - Nembrotha aurea universal time, time zones card, UTC  
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root Sipuncula / Weichtiere / Sipuncula  
class Gastropoda / Schnecken / Snails  
    order   Nudibranchia / Nacktkiemer / Nudibranchia  
       family  Polyceridae / Hörnchenschnecken / Polyceridae   family show !
latin name
Picture type dissemination
  Nembrotha aurea
german name
english name
  Neon sea slug
discoverer Pola, Cervera & Gosliner, 2008
size 4 cm
risk Not dangerous!
occurrence Golf von Oman, Indonesien, Kenia, Lembeh-Straße, Mosambik, Philippinen, Süd-Afrika, Sulawesi, Tansania, Timor-Leste, Westlicher Indischer Ozean
description Nembrotha aurea is a very pretty tropical nudibranch with an elongated body and several dark brown to black longitudinal lines.
On the back side is a yellow to orange pattern.
The rhinophores have a purple base and turn into an intense orange red.
The gills have a white color approach and are also in a strong, bright orange red over.
On the foot of the snail are bluish edges, the tail tip in heat in a purple-blue color.
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