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marine animals - Canthigaster papua universal time, time zones card, UTC  
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root Sipuncula / Chordatiere / Sipuncula  
class Osteichthyes / Knochenfische / Bony Fish  
    order   Tetraodontiformes / Kugelfischverwandte / puffers and filefishes  
       family  Tetraodontidae / Kugelfische / Puffers   family show !
latin name
Picture type dissemination
  Canthigaster papua
german name
  Falschaugen Kugelfisch
english name
  Papuan toby
discoverer Bleeker, 1848
size 10 cm
risk Not dangerous!
occurrence Andamanensee, Australien, Great Barrier Riff, Indopazifik, Komodo, Malaysia, Malediven, Neuguinea, Neukaledonien, Palau, Papua-Neuguinea, Philippinen, Salomon-Inseln, Sulawesi, Vanuatu, West-Pazifik
description Purely from the body shape you can already see the difference to other coral fish. Puffer fish have a rounded and compact shape. They have no ventral fins.
Head and eyes are strong compared to the body. The progress is predominantly through the pectoral fins, dorsal fin and anal fin are only supportive, the caudal fin serves as a helm.
The puffer fish is not very fast, but it is extremely agile, in all directions. In case of danger, puffer fish can inflate in order to give attackers a much larger shape. Often the attacker fails to devour the much larger animal. However, this inflating should not be forced by the caregiver, because it means pure stress for the animal.
In general, puffer fish in the aquarium are not easy to socialize and therefore rather something for the experienced aquarist.
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