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Million Hope (Red Sea)
owner Aksonas Shipping Co. Ltd., Limassol (Greek)
ship bulk
yard Koyo Dockyard Co. Ltd., Mihara (Japan)
wreck photo wreck sketch World Map
length 174.6 m
width 24,8 m
tonnage 26847 BRT
launch ..1952
country Red Sea
Sunken 20.06.1996
depth 24,8 m
Longitude / Latitude
28° 03' 42" N / 34° 26' 40" E
History Cargo, 26,000 tons of potash, phosphates and fuel

The container ship built in Japan ran as a "Ryusei Maru" 1972. The large ship displaced 26181 BRT and 174.6 m length, 24.8 m wide and draft of 10 m. The bridge was built directly above the stern to create space for 4 large loading cranes over the 5 cargo spaces. It was powered by a 6-cylinder diesel engine that produced 11600 hp and could bring the ship to 17 knots. It had many names in the course of her life before it was purchased by Aksonas Shipping Company Ltd in Limassol, Cyprus for 1.36 million pounds. At that time, she was baptized on Million Hope and insured for £ 4.1m. Only six weeks later she suffered shipwreck.
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